Mona Meighan has a doctorate in Education and has taught classes and developed curricula for adults and children for the past 35 years. She became aware that many people, including herself, ignore lunch by skipping it entirely, eating junk food in place of lunch, or spending too much money purchasing lunches from restaurants. When her son suddenly died at the age of 26 from undiagnosed diabetes, resolving the lunch dilemma became her personal focus. Mona wrote this book as a guide to help others develop healthier habits for lunchtime and to help answer the question "What Are You Doing for Lunch?" without the guesswork of figuring out where to start. A portion of the proceeds from the book are donated to non-profit organizations in honor of her son to support enlightened awareness of providing healthy, economical lunches.


Sara S. DeHart has a doctorate in Developmental Psychology and a graduate degree Public Health Nursing. Since retirement from academic nursing she has focused on writing and is a strong advocate for self-care solutions for many of the medical problems that Americans now face. She believes that a healthy diet and nutrition are gateways to health and one solution to our national health crisis of obesity in children and young adults. She has served as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington, School of Nursing in Seattle. She currently lives in the Northwest and writes about Public Health and Public Policy.